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5 reasons why driver-less cars will not be a reality in India

5 reasons why driver-less cars will not be a reality in India

A recent study shows that Indians want driverless cars more than anyone else in the world. However, are driverless cars going to be a reality in India? If yes, then when?
Last year in Dec18, Union Transports Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari announced that the Government will not entertain driverless car operations in India as it could result in employment loses for the masses.
It could be one of the reasons. However, Is India ready for the driver-less cars now? I have summed up 5 compelling reasons as to why India will not see driverless cars in the near future.

  1. Indian Roads: Indian roads are often narrow compared to their western counterparts. These roads often lead to high traffic and congestion. Moreover, the volume of road accidents happening in India is really pathetic.  No technology is able to navigate the many challenges a car owner faces on chaotic Indian narrow roads while in cities that are big. From cows, elephants, and camels to auto-rickshaws, rickshaws, hand carts, cycles and trucks, the visitors on Indian roads is much more different than anyplace in the evolved planet. Add to that the absence of poor upkeep and proper signage of roads.

2. To err is human: Self-driving cars are going to need to make choices in a morally challenging circumstance like staying away from a              kid running on the street but endangering different life in the bargain. Exactly how must it be programmed to act?  Humans take                  these decisions regularly, although they are able to err numerous times. Academics and authorities are actually in the procedure of              regulating recommendations for driverless automobiles to take such difficult choices.
3. Cost-Factor: This brand new technology is actually gonna be pricey and out of the access of typical Indians, making it to be a status             symbol thus enlarging the gap involving the rich and the bad.
4. Need Human Monitoring: These automobiles would also need human monitoring at some amount. In a situation of traffic jams or               maybe traffic light disaster, traffic police officers point the motorists but in this particular situation, these automobiles will not                       comprehend the man signals that will help make it hard to regulate the traffic, particularly when these automobiles are actually                     likely to be pushed in conjunction with standard vehicles.
5. Insurance Company will loose: It will have an effect on the health of the insurance companies as the number of accidents will                         decrease. forty % of their business originates from motor accidents.
Driverless automobiles are going to happen. But when it will be introduced to Indian roads will be like a dream come true? Hope Nitin Gadkari will take note of this. Only time will tell.

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