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List of Technologies helping Mankind grapple against COVID-19

List of Technologies helping Mankind grapple against COVID-19

The past few days have been a real pain for all the major economies and the pain urges to continue as the COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on an entire civilization on the globe. Nations have called for complete lockdown, companies have ceased their operations and this has sensed a feeling of fear and misery on entire mankind.

However, the digital market and technology have become much stronger than ever before at the time of the pandemic crisis. The need to stay connected has been made possible through digital technological advancement. The crisis has promoted the acceptance of virtual office space to run business.

The technology has evolved itself significantly and the crisis has given a clear picture that the investment in digital technology and artificial intelligence will do a world of good.

Let’s refer to the list of technologies that are helping humans to fight against COVID-19.

NLP and Machine Learning:

Kaggle a subsidiary of Google, and an online community of Data Scientists and Machine Learning researchers have organized the COVID-19 Open Research Data Set Challenge, named the CORD-19 challenge. It consists of over 29000 articles. These articles consist of case reports, transmission routines, environmental factors, and treatment strategy explorations. Though all of these articles aren’t machine-readable form, fortunately, researchers from Allen Institute have transformed this enormous size of literature in a machine-readable format.
One may refer to the link of COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge Click Here…

Blockchain Technology:

To understand how Blockchain is useful in the medical industry, you need to understand what Blockchain is.
In simple words, Blockchain is dairy with crucial data which is almost impossible to forge. To make it more clear let us understand through an example. We make purchases and pay through online modes. Now a person, says Sam, uses different online payment platforms at different places on different purchases. The transactions will from all the platforms be recorded at one place in the form of strings of numbers and letters. These records of transactions cannot be manipulated as these are highly secured, transparent and reliable. If one wants to source the history of transactions done by Sam he can through the Blockchain.
Blockchain in the healthcare industry can help to manage medical data more efficiently. It helps to track the increase in counts of patients worldwide and thus to collect the sample for research and to find a cure for a disease. It helps to track the supply of preventive materials and logistics. Making data transparent than ever Blockchain is helping researchers to find a cure against COVID-19.


Chatbots provide an online triage to treat the infected. Paginemediche, a digital health-based startup in Italy has created a chatbot based on the guidelines of the government of Italy.
MyGov Corona Helpdesk +919013151515
In India, Whatsapp has created a chatbot called MyGov Corona Helpdesk to deliver the right information about Corona Virus and to get instant authoritative answers to queries of Corona Virus. To connect on Whatsapp Click Here…

3D Printing:

This technology has saved the lives of many in Italy by producing vital hospital supplies.


The situations where entire economies have been lockdown and people are asked to stay at their homes, drones can significantly be used to supply medical supplies cutting delivery time and improving response time. Further, drones equipped with image recognition technology are been used to detect symptoms of flu/fever in China.

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