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Zepto | Success Story | All You Need to Know | AnalyticsJobs

Zepto | Success Story | All You Need to Know | AnalyticsJobs


Zepto was devised by Kaivalya Vohra and Aadit Palicha, two youngsters Stanford dropouts. In one interview, they said they faced problems with groceries delivery during their homestay during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a saying says, the trouble is the mother of a brilliant startup, so they came Zepto. 

Though Zepto was not only the firstborn, they initiated with KiranaKart. They performed with a couple of models before transmutation it into Zepto. And subsequently, its inception has been in the headlines. Their idea was simple: build a rapid grocery delivery service ecosystem in the subcontinent. However, the proposition is challenging to reach record keeping for selling traffic jams, street, and deduction-seeking Hindu customers. 

So, they had to do sufficient brainstorming to plan the implementation of their employment, which now seems to pay off. In an interrogation with YS, Aadit declares, “I think a lot of the contest in the space is likewise in performing grocery delivery or is concentrated on multiple different models, which is where we are saying the probability.”

The Mumbai-based initiation Zepto operating in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Chennai. Also, it is about to risk into Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune markets. Up till now, they have had a fantastic customer response.

Zepto- Untold Story

Many of us have “startup thoughts,” but even the most visionary struggle to see them through. Vohra and Palicha had enrolled at Stanford to get a Computer Science degree but dropped out to accelerate their business passions instead.

During the outbreak of Covid-19, the concept for Zepto sprang from the limits of their houses. Increased demand for delivery services indicates that groceries and other necessities would come in a couple of days, generating a void for quick delivery. As a result, Zepto was developed with all this insight.

These young stars were abruptly detained, because of Covid regulations, detained in their Mumbai homes after essential collaboration on many projects, comprising a ride-hailing commuting app for children. Even while grocery delivery, deemed crucial by local authorities, was still allowed whole much of the nation as the virus outspread, the duo battled to obtain their provisions as the illness extended.

While Zepto is the focus of attention, Vohra and Palicha’s first venture, KiranaKart, did not get the same cheer. Zepto, on the another hand, is inspired by KiranaKart. KiranaKart, as its name involves, was a supermarket delivery service. It had arranged with Kirana merchants to offer groceries in 45 minutes or less. A $730,000 pre-seed round was directed by Global Founders Capital, Contrary Capital, angel investors, and 2 am Ventures. At the time, Palicha and Vohra planned to do the first 1.5 lakh deliveries for Rs 1.

Zepto – Mission and Vision

Zepto Mission and Vision

As two youngsters living alone, the founders found it most awkward to obtain food. Therefore they focus on their grocery delivery. So, whereas KiranaKart, their first startup, tested to make grocery delivery better for kiranas, Zepto targets to shorten delivery times.

Zepto – Business Model and Revenue Model

Zepto delivers groceries in ten minutes by a dark storefront and small-warehouses system on up to 90% of orders. Zepto works in the rapid commerce segment of India. It is planned to be customer-centric and created around the quick service model.

To assure a faultless delivery experience, the chief executive says that their average delivery time was 8 minutes and 47 seconds by a chain of dark stores or retail distribution centers, the Mumbai-based company workers a hotspot method to cater mainly to digital purchases.

A dark store is a tiny neighborhood storehouse that customers cannot visit but buy online to get packaged delivery. While dark stores are renowned in the Indian industry, Aadit believes the plan has yet to be completely explored. Population, topography, road patterns, traffic dynamics, weather conditions, real estate prices, last-mile operational improvement, and other geographic data and local intelligence aid Zepto in optimizing its connectivity. Furthermore, the startup’s cool rooms and dark warehouses are custom-designed to fulfill particular criteria like ease of travel, allowing packers to travel as swiftly as possible to complete orders.

Location intelligence and geographical data, such as topography, population, traffic dynamics, weather, road patterns, last-mile supply availability, real estate values, and many more, are said to help Zepto optimize its network.

Why choose Zepto?

Why Choose Zepto

There are various reasons to Why Choose Zepto let us look at them one by one.

  • Zepto has a well-focused, compact team of research professionals who have demonstrated experience handling complex research issues.​
  • Zepto professionals are a set of multi-disciplinary expertise. This collective expertise enables us to address the wide gamut of marketing and business research issues.​
  • Zepto is a small-size Research & Brand Solutions outfit; hence our services are very cost-effective & competitive without compromising the quality and standard of services.​
  • Zepto has a wide network of trained and experienced field researchers for its field operations; this makes it capable of executing any research project in any part of the country.

Zepto Grocery

Zepto Grocery

Over 1000+ products you can select from in Zepto.

Buy groceries online on Zepto – Zepto is easy to use grocery delivery app – You can shop for fruits & vegetables, groceries, beauty & wellness, home & household essentials, personal care, diapers, baby care, and organic products on Zepto’s online grocery app. You can enjoy grocery delivery to your doorstep within 10 mins by ordering on Zepto – Claimed to be the most convenient grocery delivery app in town! Grocery delivery has never been so appropriate. Enjoy your grocery delivery of even one item with the online grocery app Zepto.

You can also enjoy grocery delivery of products from Saffola, Aashirvaad, fortune, nestle, Amul, Mother Dairy, Coke, Pepsi, Bisleri, Dabur, Colgate, surf excel, vim, Haldiram’s, Kellogg’s, Maggi, Nescafe, pampers & another leading brand through Zepto – grocery delivery app. Zepto – On the grocery shopping app, you can order any time in the day from 7 am to 1 am.

Zepto Delivery – Groceries delivered in 10 minutes

Zepto Delivery- Groceries delivered in 10 minutes

Zepto delivers its groceries in 10 minutes (on up to 90% of orders) by its dark stores and mini-warehouses. To assure a smooth delivery experience, Aadit, the cofounder of Zepto, affirms their average delivery time is 8 mins and 47 seconds.

This Mumbai-based firm always uses a hub-and-spoke system to cater basically to online shopping and circulate products at retail distribution hubs. The idea and application of Dark Stores have considerably contributed to Zepto’s success.

Zepto Delivery Partner

There are many delivery partners with Zepto. This homegrown e-grocery company Zepto has announced its partnership with Indian e-logistic service provider Zypp Electric in order to facilitate last-mile deliveries. Zipp is currently serving 50 Zepto hubs in Delhi-NCR and plans to grow its partnership by ten times in the next 12 months by doubling its fleet and areas of servicing nationally.

The startup has partnered with industry leaders like Zomato, Swiggy, Big Basket, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, PharmEasy, Jio Mart, Delhivery, and Spencers.

Zepto Privacy Policy is highly sensitive to the privacy interests of consumers and visitors and believes that protecting those interests is an important responsibility. In acknowledgment of this, CENTRICITY VISION, INC has adopted the several Privacy Policy, applicable to information about consumers and visitors that it obtain in the course of its business:

They train all of our workers about the importance of privacy. We give access to information about buyers only to those workers who require it to perform their jobs. We do not acquire further information about buyers than is needed by law or is otherwise essential to provide a high level of service efficiently and securely. 

When we make our technology or services accessible to business partners, we will not exchange with them any more buyer information than is necessary, and they will make all reasonable efforts to assure, by contract or otherwise, that they utilize our services and technology in a manner that is persistent with this Privacy Policy.

Zepto Grocery App

Zepto, who previously collaborated on a many number of projects containing a ride-hailing commute app for school kids and quit Stanford last year to continue their new startup,said on Sunday they have raised the $60 million to mess up India’s overcrowded and extremely competitive grocery delivery market.

Glade Brook Capital guided Zepto’s first institutional financing round, the chief executive Aadit Palicha, told TechCrunch in an interview. Nexus, Global Founders Capital, Y Combinator, and angel investors Neeraj Arora, Lachy Groom, and Manik Gupta also participate in the round, which values Zepto at $225 million.

Zepto, which has widely operated in stealth mode until today and started the app six months ago, has been discussed for many months. The startup, whose name playfully utilizes a mathematical term to describe the business, offers a 10-minute grocery delivery service, beating many heavily backed rivals on speed.

Zepto – Challenges

Zepto has faced some challenges lately, and in one of the latest ones, there were instances of investor and founder impropriety within the quick commerce delivery startup. Ansh Nanda, an alleged cofounder of the startup, said that he was forced to abandon his stakes in the startup by another cofounder and by Nexus Ventures. This was brought forward by Nanda, who resided in an FIR against the Nexus Ventures partner, Suvir Sujan, and the cofounders of Zepto. 

However, the cofounders responded to the same without very delay by approaching the Delhi High Court. Zepto is the third startup that is supported by Nexus and where among cofounders has been listed of FIR. Acko and YoloBus were two other companies that handled the same before.      


Zepto has raised a fund of $100 million in Series C funding led by Y Combinator’s Continuity fund, which has a value of $570 million. The founders predict that investments in Zepto will make it easier to reach more buyers and give them better service. As of now, Zepto manages the Indian metros. However, it has yet to disclose its consumer count, but some sources say Zepto is increasing by 200% every month.

Zepto is a combination of razor-sharp focus, a strong-headed team and quick execution. Moreover, it timed correctly into the grocery delivery space. Though the Zepto company started 5-months ago, any prediction can be a false impression. But we are confirmed that it has grown in customer expectations, and we are flourishing towards a furthermore consumer-centric business.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zepto provides a 10-minute grocery delivery service, specializing in a quick grocery delivery business. 

Through strong technique capabilities, a systematic business model, and a network of broadly optimized delivery centers across its 10 locations, Zepto is revolutionizing the Indian grocery segment presently pegged at $600 Billion, making it convenient and easier. Beyond groceries, Zepto has also presented a cafe offering that enables customers to order Coffee, Chai, and other Café items, along with their groceries.

Zepto plans the delivery time for all its buyers to make it convenient for their customers. Buyers can order their groceries and set their time of delivery.

It charges a small amount to the distributors, thus making it extremely customer-centric. The revenue model is based on taking a small commission per order. The commission could be as less as 2% which helps in less fuss among customers and keeps up with the maintenance cost of the platform.

Zepto delivers groceries in 10 minute’s by a system of mini-warehouses and dark storefronts, on up to 90% of orders. Their revenue model is based on taking a small commission per order.

Zepto delivers groceries in 10 minutes (on up to 90% of orders) through its dark stores and micro warehouses.To ensure a smooth delivery experience,there is a concept and application of Dark Stores that have significantly contributed to Zepto’s success. 

A tiny neighborhood storehouse called as dark store where customers cannot visit but buy online to get packaged items. Their thought about dark stores has yet to be entirely explored. Population,  traffic , area, traffic patterns, weather situations, last-mile operational improvement, real estate prices, and other geographic data and local intelligence proves very helpful for Zepto in increasing its connectivity. Furthermore, the startup’s dark warehouses are customized to fulfill specific criteria such as ease of travel, permitting packers to move as quickly as possible to fill orders.

There are several ways to define how is Zepto different from Grofers are;- 



Zepto does not impose any order minimums! There is no limit to the quantity you can purchase in order to get a free delivery service.

  1. Blinkit can give you a free discount depending on your location, provided you need to purchase a minimum purchase of Rs 250.

However, this feature isn’t available in Zepto.

Grofers allows you to include messages and special instructions with your orders via the app. You may add inscriptions to products, such as “Happy Birthday” cakes or “I miss you” flowers. Select categories will be the first to benefit from this functionality. 

You may buy your favorite items from your neighborhood supermarket available on Zepto.

However, Grofers doesn’t have shops like Zepto and doesn’t disclose from which shop the product is picked up. 

Zepto claims a 10 mi delivery service in whichever cities it operates. 

Blinkit guarantees delivery within 90 minutes, and for a few places only, it guarantees a 10-min delivery service.

Zepto is growing at 200% every single month with an unstoppable team, robust product infrastructure, and deep access to institutional capital.” Zepto has witnessed an 800% quarter on quarter revenue growth, and its burn has come down by 5X on a per-order basis. 

The annualized revenue growth was reported as between $200-400 million in May. In recent months, Zepto grow by 50% every month, and this growth is attributed to the growth that Zepto boasts of.

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