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Top 10 AI Chatbot Startups in India

Top 10 AI Chatbot Startups in India

AI Chatbots have taken the place to be your very personal chat assistants, even if as a tutor or maybe a dress counselor, because of the ever-evolving technologies. Although bots have existed for quite some time, the latest surge in artificial intelligence and natural language processing makes it popular like never before. And with the increasing users of smartphone and computer, accessing chatbots have grown to be equally fun and easy.
Posing numerous competitive advantages above apps, these ai chatbots need no downloads, could be immediately used, it’s a lot easier to create and update and most notably quicker and cheaper compared to apps.
India is a major participant in the chatbot market now and many indigenous chatbot platforms are well-positioned to participate, not only in the nation but across worldwide markets. While clients are searching for results like digital guidance, content and enhanced practical experience with chatbots, firms require solutions for elements of the industry.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) are technologies which have seen a huge uplift both in phrases of innovation and investment in the past 3 years. They’re currently being applied across diverse verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, trendy, farming, real estate, voice-based solutions, etc.
In India, AI chatbot startups began appearing in the season 2016. Over the next 2 years, the progress in the AI startups room has been unbelievable. A recent article believed this about $87.85M was on its own elevated in the AI room of India’s startup capital, Bengaluru. Owing to the stunning progress in the AI industry, India has emerged as being a nation with a strong ecosystem that allows AI startup professionals and founders to kick start their ventures.
Therefore, here are top 10 AI Start-up companies:


ai chatbot startup -  Haptik

ai chatbot startup – Haptik

Founded in 2013, Haptik is a Mumbai based Chatbot Start-up. They have customized applications both for Andriod and iOS. It is a personalized assistant mobile app, with both artificial intelligence and human assistance.
Some features of Haptik:

  • Set your important reminders.
  • Find nearby places.
  • Plan a vacation or travel: cab and hotel for your comfortable trip, book a flight/train tickets.
  • Recharge & Pay Your Important Bills.
  • Other miscellaneous services Shopping, Book Movie Tickets, Order Food, Checking train status.

2. The ChatMate:

ai chatbot startup -  ChatMate

ai chatbot startup – ChatMate

ChatMate is a chatbot builder platform that can aid you in attending users coming to your website. Be it any basic info or question, ChatMate could be the hero.
With an empowering support approach, they enable hassle-free connectivity to your users via touch, text or voice user experience. Furthermore, the sales growth answers of this particular chatbot developing platform provide fresh chat equipment with good chat team. Features of ChatMate:

  • Installation of ChatMate plugin on the website.
  • Qualified lead generation and traffic.
  • Handles multiple clients.
  • Knowledgeable database.
  • Sentiment analysis.


ai chatbot startup -

ai chatbot startup – is a Mumbai based AI startup which will help other AI startups solve complicated problems at a much quicker pace. The business caters to business verticals including Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Medicine, Retail, and Gas and Oil.
Through its core item, Vega, Arya will help in developing complex systems really quickly and allows users in automating several things. For instance, making use of the company’s platform, insurance companies are able to process insurance claims in mins. Within the banking business, Arya’s platform can help in cheque automation. Apart from being grounded in India, the business is spread across the Singapore and UK.

4. Aisha by Micromax:

ai chatbot startup -  AISHA

ai chatbot startup – AISHA

This vocal assistant by Micromax is our extremely personal Indianized version of Siri. It is able to carry out tasks such as initiating a Google search, providing film reviews, read the news, make calls, view stalk industry details and far more. Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant is exactly about AI in its backend which makes it the most famous bots in India.

5. GupShups:

ai chatbot startup -  GupSHup

ai chatbot startup – GupSHup

Gupshup is among the world’s Largest Omnichannel Messaging Platform with more than 165 Billion Messages Sent, 4.5 Billion Per month. It’s a bot-building platform which allows for bot builders to create, deploy and post a bot in a question of minutes. Gupshup gives you resources for the whole bot lifecycle. Gupshup even functions across all platforms. This implies that you are able to create your bot logic after and deploy it with a one-time press across Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Slack and numerous other messaging platforms.

6. Botsify:

ai chatbot startup -  BotSify

ai chatbot startup – BotSify

This’s another Facebook Messenger platform which uses the easy’ drag and drop’ approach to produce chatbots. This chatbot building contractor additionally allows simple integration to the plugins, machine learning, smart AI, and analytics.
Though AI and machine learning will probably be challenging for all those that have zero specialized knowledge, therefore the drag and drop substitutes assist in making the total process simple.
For this particular circumstance, Botsify provides human takeover capability for a smooth transition coming from bot to a person. The platform is free for a single bot but paid for several. Some Features of Botsify:

  • Pre-built templates.
  • Machine learning features.
  • Available in premium.
  • Simple to understand the user interface.
  • Broadcast messages.
  • Supports API.

7. Uncanny Vision:

ai chatbot startup -  Uncanny Vision

ai chatbot startup – Uncanny Vision

Another Bengaluru based startup, Uncanny Vision utilizes Deep Learning enabled vision algorithms that operate on Edge servers, to have surveillance solutions. The business provides cost-effective and scalable security for next-generation sensible industries in addition to secure cities. For high-value clients in banking and list, Uncanny Vision also allows real-time actionable surveillance and analytics.
The business graduated using the Target Accelerated Program found 2016. It was additionally portion of 3rd edition of Nasscom Innotrek 2016. At the Nasscom Awards 2017, it was selected as a person of India’s Most Innovative Top 50 Emerging Software Product Companies.

8. SnatchBot:

ai chatbot startup -  SnatchBot

ai chatbot startup – SnatchBot

The Snatchbot platform offers to construct probably the best possible messaging expertise for the users. Additionally, there are loads of strong features offered and enterprise-grade protection to comply with regulatory mandates.
It has among the greatest chatbots readily available to establish, connect, and post the unique AI-powered chatbot and speak with the users in a far better way.
Features of SnatchBot:

  • Freely deployable analysis product.
  • Easy to build.
  • Script-based.

9. Avaamo:

ai chatbot startup -  Avaaamo

ai chatbot startup – Avaaamo

Avaamo was ranked 1st revolutionary AI startup to view for in the approaching time. Its a complicated sequence of information-seeking questions or maybe a complex dialogue logic, Avaamo allows dynamic generation of new multi-turn discussions from scratch by using ML domains and their connected entities and intents.
Avaamo’s proprietary NLU Engine will help you process and understand complicated user queries. With a certain focus on decreasing false pluses, the NLU motor classifies users’ intents in addition to extracts important entities coming from users’ queries with extremely high accuracy.
Whether you’ve little training data for the new product launch, or maybe you have a great deal of raw speech transcripts, Avaamo’s Data Science Automation sifts via it, recognizes the best intents, and intelligently product labels and categorizes the data to bootstrap your printer mastering clothes airers.
Whether it is an intricate sequence of information-seeking questions or maybe a complex dialogue logic, Avaamo allows dynamic generation of new multi-turn discussions from scratch by using ML domains and their connected entities and intents.


ai chatbot startup -

ai chatbot startup –

Founded by Snehal Dhruve and Bineet Desai, this AI-powered individual travel agent is available across 9 platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype. It helps you in booking flights, hotels, taxis and so on. It combines with messaging apps to make use of advanced algorithms and fully understand a traveler’s preference. The chat display enables the users are able to review availability and pricing of tickets.
Artificial intelligence is fueling the future and ai chatbots are a part of this overwhelming change. In the coming years, we will see much more innovations in this space.

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