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Top 8 tips to get your first Internship in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Top 8 tips to get your first Internship in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Internship in Data Science and AI
The positive aspects of a data science internship and AI are innumerable, beginning with the work opportunity with specialists in the industry until producing the portfolio. The internships provide mentor-ship and networking occasions. Candidates are able to learn from experts and explain you’re already one step ahead of the companions. Let us today focus on how you can get the data science internship, as your interested industry.
Define Data Science Internship?
Data Science Internship India is a distinctive opportunity for candidates that wish to get hands-on experience working with data at a fast-growing company. Lots of fresh graduates often face difficulties when they begin their first job as being a data scientist. Abruptly they know that the data they’ll be working with is far more complicated than what they have studied.
Working in real-life projects of date science is a bit complex because the data sets you come across while learning about this are delicately pre-processed by way of the course instructor. That’s the reason they look cleaner and simpler compared to real-world data sets.
In Data Science Internship you will be introduced to real-life data sets, you will be provided training under the professionals working with the company for the past few years, solving queries and doing analysis for the company. The major factors of data science are:

  • Analyzing the data
  • Generating the report
  • Data visualization
  • Presenting data in an understandable way

For an amateur data scientist, this might be amazing, though it is not just a single job. The candidate has to function jointly with engineers, product designers, and product managers. You’ll be devising the metrics; reviews randomized controlled experiments, and undertake hard open-ended problems.
You have to research and master a couple of programming languages and have a few SQL skills apart from figuring out how you can make use of big data tools. It may be complex for some, before making any decision the person has to first give it a try. While performing an internship you’ll be made working on all the required tools and make you ready for the company or for an interview.
How to get Data Science Internship:
Now you have already decided to be a Data Scientist, the first step is to get an internship in Data Science. Here are all the basic requirements to get internship.

  1. Curriculum Vitae(CV) or Resume

The sooner you start framing your CV for data science internship the better it will be for you. Your CV should be up-to-date consisting of all the projects. Your CV plays an important role in getting an internship, so it should be precise.

  1. Cover letter

You may consider creating your cover letter fully customized to stand out from other candidates. A common cover letter will certainly make an impression one more application of an applicant from a massive collection. No company would like to believe they’re simply one of a long list of options, and it makes the applicant look confused.

  1. Personality

Personality plays an important role while giving an interview. Personality doesn’t mean how good looking you are but how you represent yourself in front of interviewer. Everything related to you, your behavior, body language, manners, etiquette makes an impact on the interviewer. Before going for interview you should be properly groomed and always prefer a formal dress rather than a casual dress.

  1. Soft Skills

A lot of companies desire that the candidate must be excellent at speaking. They must be a lot confident and well prepared before going for the interview. If you have got the knowledge, but lack in talking abilities then you may miss the opportunity to get the chance for a data science internship. You can practice interview questions available on the websites and boost your confidence.

  1. Indirect Experience

It is fine if you don’t have direct experience but that doesn’t mean “NO Experience” is required. If you have worked in the retail domain as a cashier, it will be counted as experience. Companies consider these jobs as a chance to learn a variety of skills like leadership qualities, find a solution to the problems, learn how to communicate professionally, bargain, and resolve conflicts, etc.

  1. Building a Professional Network

Linkedin is a professional network building and finding an internship platform. Get the premium LinkedIn profile if possible and search find people in the corporate you wish to work for. Search Data scientists or maybe HR and drop them a message. Give a brief introduction about yourself, goals you possess, and also show you’re in-trust in their company. There are various other platforms such as, internshala,, etc.

  1. Online resources

Here are some websites you would find helpful in starting your carrier as a Data Scientist:
Data Mining Blog
Analytics Jobs
There are lots of blogs for data scientists in various enterprises that you are able to subscribe to get frequent updates. You are able to also take help of educational resources and tool guides that are free as data science courses Springboard provides for data scientists. In case you’re searching for a data science interview, you are able to consider these most often asked data science interview questions.

  1. Offline Resources

Every university/college features a career department with experts who could assist with search strategies, resume and cover letter developing, and job interview preparation. Consider the assistance of career advisers on each and every step of the internship procedure, like taking part in mock interviews or even receiving responses on your resume and cover letter. Some universities hold workshops on career different topics to make the most of these resources.

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