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Can a data scientist work from home?

Can a data scientist work from home?

Yes, It’s possible, looking at the current pandemic situation during COVID’19. A data scientist can work from home easily as they have all the required tools available on their system or on a distributed system which can be accessed remotely. It’s also feasible for startups who are working at shared office space.
Work from Home (WFH) will help such companies to keep their operational costs low. However, it’s necessary to maintain a work-life balance while working from home as there’s no one to look over. So he needs to keep himself motivated and those extra efforts to make an impact over the people in top management. He needs to be extrovert during meetings with his ideas.
A Data Scientist is smart enough to understand such tricks and make their life easy while working from home. Big companies (such as IBM) which have a global footprint and advanced technologies allow work from home for their employees. Many of the data scientists who are working as a freelancer have this opportunity to work from home as per their ease but they need to attend meetings and provide their findings within a stipulated time to gain the trust of their employers.
A recent statement by TCS has said that more than 75% of its total workforce of 4.5 Lakh will be working permanently from home. This new model termed as 25/25 requires less office space.

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