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Is data science better than computer science?

Is data science better than computer science?

We would say Data Science is better than computer science. However, Data Science is just a specialization out of a more generalized Computer Science learning. For long, computer science dominated the world of technology because of its ever-increasing demand around the world. Btech/BE/MCA with computer science used to be the first step to launch your career into Information Technology(IT) . However, recently Data science has become a widespread phenomenon and is attracting a heavy chuck of  IT professionals towards it across the globe, which has naturally made people more lenient towards studying the tools and languages used in advancement towards a Data Science career path.
Data Science is absolutely the buzzword nowadays and it’s going to stay for long. In fact, when Data Science was in the emerging phase it was Computer Science that set the stage for data science and provided the programming languages necessary to process big data.
Data Science gives you specialized learning. It not only gives you an edge over the competition, but it also reflects that you have a certain expertise in that field. Computer science is really more of a generalization rather than specialization. So it depends if you are looking for generalization or specialization. Good luck!

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