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Is Data Science in demand?

Is Data Science in demand?

Data Science is in great demand nowadays and more and more people are getting attracted to this highly rewarding career. Below are the widely available statistics which corroborate this statement.

  • By 2020 the Number of Data Science and Analytics job postings is anticipated to develop by about 364,000 postings to roughly 2,720,000
  • The quickest developing jobs are Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts, which are anticipated to see request spike by 28% by 2020
  • Employments requiring AI Skills are paying a normal of $114,000. Advertised Data science employments pay a normal of $105,000 and promoted information designing occupations pay a normal of $117,000
  • Annual Demand for the quickly developing new jobs of Data analyst, Data Developers, and information specialists will arrive at almost 700,000 openings by 2020.
  • Around 80% of organizations are focusing highly on contributing huge part in making better Data analytics groups or experts inside their organization to dissect the information successfully so better techniques can be made for the future.
  • Demand is high and supply isn’t sufficient for the organizations.
  • Data analytics helps organizations to settle on better choices through examining the historic data and helps them to reduce the expense and companies can improve systems for future growth.

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