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Is data scientist an IT job?

Is data scientist an IT job?

Data Science is definitely not a run of the mill IT work, yet Data Scientists and Technology experts can’t work without each other support, by any stretch of the imagination. It is a road race and they have to pass the stick to one another many times to complete the work!
In any case, three significant things to remember:

  • Data Science and IT (Data Engineering) cooperate to actualize Analytics Dashboards and Models.
  • Data scientists can do nothing without ETL and Data Engineering proficient to help them.
  • Tech. groups are greatly improved off letting Data Scientist design Business Dashboards and models, their time is best utilized for Technology.
    Example from Credit Card and Loan Business

What do IT individuals do?

  • They make, maintain, and secure extraordinary frameworks to include new Mastercard clients and run their exchanges easily and securely. It’s a challenging task.
  • Frameworks make things like applying for loans or Credit cards 7 mins work instead of 7 days work. Frameworks that guard your information against attackers.

What Data Science individuals do?

  • They structure great dashboards to show the presentation of Sales, Finance, and different capacities in an organization utilizing Tableau, Power BI, D3.js, or other BI apparatuses.
  • They construct prescient models to choose how much loan or credit to offer a specific client.
  • They manufacture models to foresee attrition of clients and measures to retain, like offers or call/E-mail based connect campaigns.

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