A new Start-up ‘Bounce’ is allowing Customers to access Bike’s with just an OPT.

To transform Urban Mobility, a new two-wheeler rental start-up ‘Bounce is focused on using technology and data science.

As per Mint Nishchay AG, Director, Bounce quoted as, “App-based two-wheeler rental startup ‘Bounce’ has patented a key-less technology, that enables Bounce users to pick up or perhaps drop the bike anyplace in the city, at any time. This unique technology and the way the company is using technology and data science to enhance urban mobility.

How does Key-Less technology works ?

Bounce’s greatest tech differentiator is its patented ‘key-less technology,’ a function which is replacing the way India commutes. This key-less feature enables the bikes to be dock-less, which means users can pick up and drop anywhere, anytime. We’ve created a smart key-less solution which comprises of a vehicle monitoring system(VTS) which is connected to the Bounce server, which streams data of the location of the vehicle and electromechanical locking systems. When an end-user opens the app he can see probably the nearest scooter and also book it, right after which the user gets an OTP.

After receiving the OTP is entered into keypad, the VTS is going to verify to unlock the bike. The end-user may now drive the scooter to the destination of his and also has an option to pause if the user wants to take a break. After the user is done with the ride he is able to end the trip via end trip option on the bike, after that the bike is locked and will become available for the following user. The user is going to be charged for the time and distance he used. As a result, our key-less technology enables subscribers to use the bike with only an OTP, performing away with any kind of human or physical intervention. We also make use of Geo-Fencing features and GPS tagging to remotely immobilize vehicles, when necessary.


How are GPS tagging and Geo-Fencing Features used?

We’ve created and developed state of the art form telematics and sensor systems to constantly keep track of the fleet remotely. The sensors are going to feed the information to the telematics device which then channels the information back to our servers and we do all of the magic in the back-end. The telematics also offers safety features to sense some effort to move the automobile when not used by any customers and triggers an alert to the operations team. It continuously measures gas, battery levels and elevates an alarm by using buzzers to attract attention when the bike senses any threat. The telematics and servers in addition help to map the source to demand via a variety of distribution strategies like pricing dynamically, redistribution to insist upon center and produce much more need in the place of source through digital outreach programs.


How technology is the core of Bounce operations ?

Technology is at the core of the operations which means our fleet management, distribution, logistics, maintenance, on-field operation and inventory management operations are totally automated through technology. The fleet is linked to servers via Internet of Things (IoT) and the stream of data is used to get operations. This ensures consistency in different parameters of the bike like as re-fueling, timely maintenance and battery swaps. Based on the kilometers driven the system analyses if the bike has to be pulled out of circulation to make sure servicing is done before it’s reintroduced. At Bounce, we wish to make sure we offer the best service to our customers using technology.


How Data Science is being used by Bounce ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science are continuously driving the business through optimization at every step. By using current demands and past trends, we’re in a position to create a material and hassle-free commute process in the nation. We make use of each AI and Machine Learning (ML) to operate the whole customer adventure starting from on-boarding of a new user to finish the KYC procedure, to validating Driving License and making sure that supply meets the demand. Data science is used for customer service, pricing dynamically and in order to run operations. We’ve created different sensors to determine certain details of the automobile. Data science will help us to crunch data from these sensors and also allows us to evolve the hardware layout, boost fleet up-time in addition to the performance of the automobile.

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