DPIIT recognizes 7,141 Start-Ups till 5th November.

Commerce and business minister Piyush Goyal on Wednesday stated the stated 7,141 start-ups are recognized with the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT) in that fiscal till 5th November.

Out of this, Uttar Pradesh with 709,  Delhi with 1,152, Karnataka with 1,374 start-ups, and 1,778 are from Maharashtra. The department had recognized 8,618 startups in 2018-19.

The details of Startups created all over the country isn’t compiled, however, many initiatives undertaken under Startup India first step have led to expansion in deep recognition of Startups by DPIIT because the launch of this initiative,” Goyal mentioned in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha.

Sector-wise, probably the highest of 1,351 startups are from info technology implemented by healthcare(808), training(658), commercial and professional services(400) and finance engineering(362).

Goyal believed that the data on a number of startups that are still functional for 3 years or even have failed in 3 years of their launch isn’t compiled.

The bonuses currently being provided to startups under Startup India effort to conquer their first hurdles include self-certification under 6 labor laws and 3 environmental laws, relaxations to come down with public procurement norms and quicker exit underneath the bankruptcy code

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