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Virtual and Augmented Reality will help guests make the right decision: OYO

Virtual and Augmented Reality will help guests make the right decision: OYO

Technology is at the center of hospitality startup OYO Hotels & Homes. Responsible for turning the tech strategy is Anil Goel, Chief Technology Officer. He thinks that technology allows OYO to map end-to-end customer experience, directly from the search and booking system to service delivery and check-out.
Technology is the core of OYO’s progress and is a competitive edge for us in the worldwide hospitality industry. We offer hotels with our proprietary property managing process known as OYO OS, which will help property managers manage all elements of the property. We’ve established a selection of apps in house like the Co-OYO app which allows asset owners to monitor improvement and access payment-related info in one spot. Through the Co-OYO app, asset owners are able to have total visibility on recommendations, customer reviews, pricing, business performance, and cash flows.
The app includes superior analytics which allows a deep dive into advantage overall performance over time, intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and make choices regarding value-added providers, improving performance by providing insights and easy-to-understand metrics and graphs which provide for everyday monitoring of performance. Then there’s Krypton, OYO’s movable audit app which allows OYO supervisors to audit properties. At the start, the audits had been done physically limiting the selection of rooms plus hotels which are being audited. At this point, with Krypton, a one-time OYO manager has the ability to handle the audit of more than 300 rooms while enhancing the guest experience at the same time.
We are making use of ML for dynamic rates while AI and Natural Language Processing(NLP) are assisting in client services. IoT(internet of things) is a big area for us where we’re experimenting with smart lighting and smart switches and so as to substantially enhance the guest experience. This particular pilot is helping us determine ways to avoid wasting energy, enable unassisted check-ins with smart locks and determine visitor room temperature and lighting tastes which could be activated pre-check-in.
From a consumer experience standpoint, analytics and data science will help us enhance the guest experience at each step. Through AI & machine learning, we take a look at several metrics from time of day time, water, location to local area gatherings, to have the ability to learn increasingly more about what sort of a space a customer likes, and what are the research results the buyer might be to appreciate. Data science and machine learning help us realize guest behavior – implicit behavior and both preferences, the way they interact with the search results and app and also the interactions they have out while staying at our hotels.
We’re in the experimentation area here. Facial recognition could likely have great customer experience upgrades. Imagine a scenario in which guests are able to check-in online right via an app or maybe web, after which they can straight walk into the room and never have to show the QR code or maybe the system key. But at exactly the same time, you’ve to balance the privacy and security concerns. So something we do will be completely with permission, getting a decision to opt-in or opt-out of the system. I see a huge play for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in helping guests help make the correct choice. Consider if your guests may really feel like what it will be staying in the hotel space just before they booked a hotel. We do think the hospitality and real estate business is ripe for technological interruption. And we’re at the cutting edge of it.

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