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Weekly Happenings in Data Science & AI, Oct 1st Week, 2019

Weekly Happenings in Data Science & AI, Oct 1st Week, 2019

The self-drive mobility platform Zoom car has announced/launched and it claims it as India’s first vehicle agnostic Driver Score Tech Stack with the passenger car segment. The AI-powered algorithm with machine learning abilities tracks the mechanical specifications of the car being driven, driving style of the consumer and identifies grave events of driving and rates it on a scale of 0-100.
Artificial intelligence and face analysis software is being used in job interviews in the Uk for the first time – as businesses turn to technology for the best candidates. The software program, created by US company Hire Vue, analyses language, tone and also records the face expressions of applicants as they reply to questions on video, the Telegraph noted.
Financial Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman has promised that AI/ML will probably be utilized in the processes of income tax evaluation of the general public of India. The system is certain to hit the floors soon, on October 8, 2019. Adopting such advanced technology is going to guarantee that there’ll be complete transparency and make sure preciseness in the whole system of tax evaluation.
The Ministry of Railways and the Department of Technology and Science have joined partnership with IIT Kanpur for learning a distinctive task on ‘Industry 4.0′. They released the pilot task on Friday for implementation on the Modern Coach Factory.
Recently, Apple has launched its Deep Fusion Photography system in the latest developer beta of IOS 13.2. For processing medium-light images, Deep fusion will act as a new image pipeline. It is a revolutionary change in the field of cameras. As per the reports, it uses machine learning to create more detailed, sharper and more natural-looking photos. Indoor or medium- lighting would not be a problem anymore.
While addressing students at the 56th annual convocation of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras on Monday Modi said, “the best part of India’s start-up is that the innovators are from 2 tier, 3 tier, rural India and small towns. In the world of start-ups, the language you speak matters far less than the language you can code in. You have the opportunity to create your name rather than using the power of your surname”.
One of the largest free messaging platform What’s App Messenger is working on a new feature ‘Disappearing Message’. What’s App has already submitted the latest update through the Google Play Beta Program, getting the version up to 2.19.275. The new feature Disappearing Message will allow the users to choose the duration of the message visibility, it can be between 5 seconds to an hour, according to WA Beta info.

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