Job Specification :
* Academic qualification in a computer science or STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) related field or the foreign equivalent
* Professional experience working in an agile, dynamic and customer facing environment
* At least 2 years of recent hands-on professional experience (actively coding) working as a server side software engineer
* Extensive experience with using a JVM language (Java/Scala/Kotlin, preferably Java 8+)
* Understanding of distributed systems and cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)
* Understanding of AOP and dependency injection frameworks (Spring, Guice, etc.)
* Understanding of microservices
* Understanding of RESTful APIs and web technologies
* Understanding of relational and no-SQL databases
* Desired – understanding of security frameworks (JAAS, Spring Security, SSL, TLS, HTTPS, etc.)
* Desired – understanding of data streaming and processing frameworks (Kafka, Spark, etc.)
* Desired – understanding of distributed tracing and monitoring (Zipkin, Jaeger, OpenTracing, Prometheus, ELK, Micrometer, etc.)
* Desired – experience with containers (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
* Experience in the all stages of software development lifecycle (requirements, design, architecture, development, testing, deployment, release and support)
* Experience in automating deployment, releases and testing in continuous integration, continuous delivery pipelines
* A solid approach to writing unit level tests using mocking frameworks, as well as automating integration tests

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