Role: Lead / SDE 3 – Android Engineer (Drive)

Job Description:


  • Collaborate with product, design, and back-end teams to take ownership of end-to-end features, encompassing the design of architecture, data storage, API integrations, and user interface.
  • Develop a payment suite for public transportation, including innovative solutions like tap-to-pay cards, tap-to-pay using Android phones, offline dynamic QR codes, and other digital payment options such as UPI, wallets, and common mobility cards.
  • Implement advanced techniques like web sockets and sophisticated caching for an ultra-fast and seamless user experience.
  • Contribute to the development of a multilingual and multimodal app integrating buses, metro, cabs, cycles, and bikes.


  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming, multithreading, networking, memory management, and source control management (git).
  • Proficient in Kotlin, Jetpack components, Android Studio, and Android NDK.
  • Experience and comprehension of large code bases and architectures like MVI/MVVM.
  • Bonus points for familiarity with RxJava, coroutines, Dagger, Espresso, or Kotlin Flows.

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