Exp; 4-6 Years

Loc; Bangalore
Type: Permanent
Note; Immediate joiners and willing to work for start-ups.
Interested candidates please share updated cv to for further discussions.
Mandatory Skills: JAVA,, Data Structures, Design pattern, Multithreading, Microservices and cloud
Imp: Experiencefrom product based and start ups will be given preferences
Job Roles:
Hands-on working on Java ( {Language understanding – Java 8, Lambdas, Collections, popular
frameworks & libraries}, JVM, GC tuning, performance tuning)
¢ Worked on REST frameworks/libraries like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, REST Express
¢ Worked on Relational data stores viz. MySQL, Oracle or Postgres
¢ Worked on Non-relational data stores viz. Cassandra, HBase, Couchbase, MongoDB etc
¢ Worked on caching infra viz. Redis, Memcached, Aerospike, Riak etc
¢ Worked on Queueing infra viz. Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ etc

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