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Top 20 Start-ups in India revolutionizing Health-Care Industry with Artificial Intelligence.

Top 20 Start-ups in India revolutionizing Health-Care Industry with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often known for its unique ability to have machines perform tasks that are similar to the human mind – like problem-solving. However, what’s less understood is how Artificial Intelligence is being utilized in specific industries, like healthcare.
These are the Top 20 start-ups in India:

1| Nirmai Health Analytix

Founded in 2016, Nirmai is concentrating to save females from breast cancer. Breast cancer, probably which most of the individuals take for granted in the first stage, is among the most common cancer among females. In order to allow it to be easier to identify breast cancer at its first days and performing it at a lower cost, Niramai uses artificial intelligence and thermal analytics. It can make it easier to filter breast cancer because this technology is mobile.

2| Lybrate

Founded in 2014, Lybrate is the first online doctor consultation platform in India. In a fast-moving, busy world today, we barely have some time to go to a physician for every small health issue that we face. Often we wind up ignoring a few symptoms which appear modest to us but prove to be severe, due to the over-occupied work lives. Lybrate has an online program via which people are able to link to doctors and also have a consultation online. The people also can book lab tests and appointments online. Apart as a result of this, Lybrate also provides weight diet, fitness, skin, and hair care solutions. They’ve doctors from a wide range of spectrum across the nation. Additionally, it has a health consultant bot on Facebook Messenger. The goal of this particular startup is creating an internet consultation for everyone easily available.

3| MeraMedicare

Mera Medicare is a business model that has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by changing the way customers and healthcare professionals communicate with one another. Mera Medicare has an effective tail platform for all healthcare professionals and clients while solving the key challenges.


4| Artelus

Founded in 2015 by Pradeep Walia, Raja Rajeshwari and Lalit Pant. AI-based product is able to record retina image, analyze it within 15 seconds and shows the result with an accuracy of more than 93%. Deep learning technologies of Artelus are assisting medical doctors with analysis, prognosis, and treatment of diseases. The company’s primary aim is bringing healthcare solutions to the forgotten billion via the usage of deep learning technologies.

5| DocTalk

Founded in 2016 by Akshat Goenka and Vamsee Chamakura. DocTalk is a Mumbai based healthcare software application to keep medical reports, prescriptions and easily share them with the doctor. It’s a startup that’s aiming to focus on an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based, a virtual assistant program to streamline the healthcare industry of India.
DocTalk offers subscribers a platform where they are able to get solutions by allowing them to speak with their physicians over the app. It allows them to easily save all the medical reports and photos on the cloud which they are able to get anywhere digitally.

6| OncoStem

Founded in 2011, Oncostem startup makes use of machine learning algorithms to assist in personalized cancer therapy. OncoStem uses Genomics-based platforms and Proteomics and with the tool associated with a molecular fingerprint of a tumor, predicts cancer recurrence. Knowing the recurrence of cancer will even help developing new drugs. It’s a solution called’ CanAssist-Breast’, that they wish to help bring down breast cancer is able to anticipate the probability of cancer going back by analyzing samples of this person’s tumor. As soon as it has been analyzed by way of a machine-learning-based algorithm, the patient is categorized as’ low’ or’ high’ danger. Individuals classified as’ high-risk’ would have a much better likelihood of cancer recurring than patients categorized as’ low-risk’. The patient with a low-risk score is able to forgo Chemotherapy. It also aims to develop tests for multiple cancers including colon and oral.


Founded in 2016, Our mission is using artificial intelligence to generate healthcare much more accessible and affordable. Our core staff combines rich learning knowledge with clinical, regulatory and scientific knowledge. The advisory panel consists of radiologists, various other doctors, and public health professionals. We work with these experts to explain clinically relevant issues and design real-world solutions.

8| PharmEasy

Founded in 2016, co-founded by DharmilSheth and led by Bessemer Venture Partners and Orios Venture Partners. Among the best healthcare startups in India, PharmaEasy is a Mumbai based pharma platform. It’s among the best medical startups in India. PharmEasy is now operating in 7 cities like has, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi more than 150 partner vendors.
It began with a vision to deliver medicines at rates that are affordable by optimizing the source chain and logistics and now offers much more than one lakh families. The PharmaEasy app allows users to place an order with only 3 clicks and re-order can be positioned by one press on the app. They plan to develop an ecosystem utilizing technology to link patients, pharmacies, medical doctors, analysis centers and healthcare service providers and enable them to work together with each other by creating scalable technology which will help connect numerous pharmacies across cities, village and town across the nation.

9| Tricog

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Charit Bhoraj, Udayan Dasgupta, Zainul Charbiwala, and Abhinav Gujjar. Tricog is India’s first cardiologist certified ECG solution.
Our Goal – changing the 80% possibility that a heart attack is going to take your life to an 80% chance that you’ll survive. We use technology to assist patients gain access to fast, affordable and accurate diagnosis, which may result in considerable mortality reduction. Our Tricog ECG systems, strategically located at neighborhood clinics assist physicians identify heart complications in a few minutes of your arrival. Our products are cloud-connected and accessed only by qualified professional doctors. Within mins of collecting the ECG benefits, the examination is discussed with both the doctor and the patient in real-time. The product is designed to also enable continuity of care with a tertiary center when necessary.

10| Sigtuple

Founded in 2015, by co-founders Rohit Pandey, Tathagato Dastidar, and Apurv Anand. This Bangalore based startup takes the help of artificial intelligence and robotics and adds it to the medical data to encourage their healthcare industry to make smart diagnostic solutions and make quality healthcare readily accessible and inexpensive. The business is making an artificial intelligence platform called’ Manthana’, to help you determine visual details efficiently. This AI platform will help them in the following 5 screening tasks of the healthcare industry:

  • Analysis of peripheral blood smears.
  • OCT scans and chest X-rays.
  • Semen screening.
  • Urine microscopy.
  • Fundus screening.


11| Advancells

Founded in 2005, It is focused on therapeutic applications of Regenerative Medicine, which happens to be a department of translational research in molecular biology and tissue engineering that deals with the regenerating and replacing human cells, organs or tissues to bring or even create ordinary function. It provides technologies for effective and safe treatment alternatives to individuals all over the earth at probably the highest medical standards.

12| HealthKart

Founded in 2011, Healthkart is based in Gurgaon. It offers many health products, communities, and services to assist customers to attain the fitness goals on their e-health store. It’s probably the biggest healthcare e-store in India. They provide several healthcare items including nourishment nutritional supplements, diabetes supplies, house medical-related equipment, and infant care products. These applications may be purchased on the internet and shipped by HealthKart themselves to make certain the safety. This healthcare platform was originally launched as a mobile app and a website that would function being a generic drug the search engines portal and possesses today turned into a marketplace that allows buyers to browse and buy prescribed drugs.
HealthKart provides 100% authentic products to its customers by maintaining these:

  • Quality control during distribution.
  • Tight control over the supply chain.
  • 14 days hassle-free return policy.


13| LiveHealth

Founded in 2013, LiveHealth is one of the top startup in India making clinical workflow a lot more efficient.
This healthcare startup operates like a Management Information System (MIS) for health care providers. It will help them inside collecting samples, controlling patient records, and producing reports.
Offers a one-time healthcare platform for various stakeholders including patients and diagnostic centers. It offers smart monitoring and preventive health tests to the expert services to patients while offering a total, ERP alternative for healthcare providers.

14| BloodSure

Founded by Raghav Baldwa in 2012 and is an NPO community platform that links blood and platelet donors to people in need of it in real-time. They wish to rid India of blood lack by 2027 and also have a powerful community of more than 1.25 lac busy donors in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. BloodSure has been in a position to attain 15,000 patients that much.
They’ve also organized more than 35 camps and also collected 4,000 pints of blood with more than 75,000 blood donors. Raghav Baldwa is designed to focus on a blood donation app, a location-based program which will help find and speak with blood donors in the vicinity. BloodSure raised five dollars 1000 in seed financial backing in 2013. The new initiative of theirs is an effort with the World Health Organization to conscious and assist people with depression.

15| ChironX

Founded by Dr. Mausami Acharya, ChironX has proven itself as a leading participant in AI diagnostics and medical imaging evaluation segments of Indian digital health segment.
ChironX is working in the area of AI-powered medical diagnostics and also provides an analysis application to identify complicated diseases from health photographs. Chiron Eye, flagship software program of ChironX tasks retinal fundus pictures in seconds to identify diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, and any other retinal disorders.

16| DocPlexus

We feel an educated doctor is a bit better positioned to make clinical choices, consequently leading to improvements in healthcare. As a business with the objective of empowering medical doctors, our campaigns are naturally guided for furthering knowledge sharing by getting the group closer. We create accessible peer advice, medical-related guidelines, and updates on the newest development in various specialties on a one-time platform.
Membership to Docplexus is totally free but up to verified Allopathic medical professionals only.

17| OnliDoc

Founded by Dipendra Jain, the AI organization is utilizing deep learning strategies to offer end-to-end health-related diagnosis solution.
A Deep learning and ai-driven platform help drivers to book online meetings of the doctor and also offers self-diagnosis of diseases by making use of machine learning algorithm.
The mobile app allows subscribers to book a scheduled appointment with a medical doctor and also clears pre-appointment diagnostic confusion with the assistance of a symptoms checker.

18| Consure Medical

Founded in 2012, by Amit Sharma and Nishith Chasmawala. It’s an emerging medical device company that focuses on developing and commercializing novel care technologies that are critical for 80% of worldwide citizens that at the moment don’t obtain subsidized healthcare. Consure Medical is offering fecal incontinence treatment unit.
Consure Medical develops and provides an answer for fecal containment in bedridden patients. Qora is an applicator introduced straight into the anal cavity to make a pathway for stool diversion with hardly any leakage. It provides Qora Stool Management Kit that is an indwelling fecal drainage unit for the control of fecal incontinence which may be utilized across a continuum of treatment amenities from ICUs to nursing houses. The business is additionally operational in San Francisco, California.

19| Predible Health

Founded in 2016 by Suthirth Vaidya. Predible Health makes medical image analysis a cakewalk by instantly segmenting the pictures making surgical preparing much easier like segmentation of Liver pictures.
It’s a startup that offers a platform for radiologists to imagine and quantify medical pictures to diagnose diseases. Additionally, it provides therapy of liver and lung cancers by cloud computation technologies.
PredibleLiver and PedibleLung analyses high-quality CT images.

2o| Neurosynaptic Communication

Founded in 2002, their aim is making health care accessible to each of the masses through the startup. It offers a high-quality ReMeDi Remote Healthcare Delivery Solutions. It collects info on different physiological factors of people remotely and offers them with its analysis. In this way, they can make the entire practice of diagnosis inexpensive. They presently work in 4 towns with the primary target of healthcare delivery. The vast majority of their job has been in schools as much and also have an app-based tool for parents to arrange healthy meals for the children of theirs. Apart from this, additionally, they provide annual health check-ups and health education.
Key Limitations of Artificial Intelligence in the Health-Care Industry:

  • Explainability: Modern Machine Learning Algorithms gives decision based on the huge amount of pre-stored data and so it is difficult for a human to understand how the conclusion was reached. This makes it difficult to assess reliability, detect malicious attacks or is bias. ‘Black Box’ is the term given to Modern Machine learning Algorithms
  • Data Requirement: These Modern Machine learning Algorithms are trained on a huge amount of accurate and reliable data. Health-related data is mostly complex, heterogeneous or poorly coded which results in inaccurate or misrepresentative data leading to poor performing systems.
  • Transferability: Algorithms are well optimized for the specific task they have been trained on but maybe confidently incorrect on data it has not seen before.


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  1. […] India is a vast country and primary healthcare facilities haven’t adequately reached all nooks and corners of it. With lagging infrastructure and fewer doctors per thousand citizens, it’s challenging for the government to promise quality healthcare to its people.Artificial Intelligence is anticipated to help India to a great level in providing much better healthcare in the future. With efficient use of algorithms and data, AI could assist in detecting fatal diseases like cancer ensure preventive therapy rather than reactive care. The government is going to work towards addressing difficulties such as affordability and accessibility with the tool of AI.On the other hand tech giants like Microsoft are joining hands with both startups and reputed health care organizations to provide AI-based items like the 3Nethra which can check and detect eye issues. Such associations are able to improve the efficiency of healthcare services. You can read our blog wherein we have accumulated the Top 20 Start-ups in India revolutionizing Health-Care Industry with Artificial Intelligence. […]