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Best Hackathon and Machine Learning Competitive platforms like Kaggle, Hackerearth, TechGig etc

Best Hackathon and Machine Learning Competitive platforms like Kaggle, Hackerearth, TechGig etc

After consuming hundreds of books, several notes about Data Science and have viewed several videos of Data Scientists sharing their experience. You have all the theoretical knowledge you need to know for becoming a Data Scientists. But are you a Data Scientist now?
A big NO!
The next big step is to start applying the concept, think differently and how you can do that is either find real-world problems of fields in which you are interested in or you can take participate in Hackathons and Machine learning Competitions.
Hackathons are efficient and new means of hiring professionals in aspects of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and data science. Since the practical knowledge of different tools and techniques is important during the hiring stage, hackathons have become an ideal way to zero-down on the perfect candidate with a mixture of data science and programming skills.
For beginners, Hackathons are a platform to learn new skills and get hands-on experience in real-life industry scenarios. Participating in Hackathons and Data Science competition can enhance both programming and problem-solving skills. You have a lot to achieve and practically nothing to lose if you participate in these events.

Advantages of participating in Hackathons and Data Science competition :

  • A great platform or opportunity for learning.
  • Getting exposure to state-of-the-art approaches and real-life industrial unique data-sets.
  • Showing your talent to the world and an opportunity to get your dream job.
  • Working with like-minded people, working in a team helps thinking over the problem from different perspectives.
  • At the same time hackathons and data science, competitions are fun to participate in and you can also see your rank on the leader-board. It helps you to acknowledge where you stand as per the standards of the corporate world.
  • Last but not least, with an opportunity to get your dream job hackathons and data science competitions also have a prize which can be a cash prize or any other prize.

10 Leading Hackathons and Data Science Competitions:

  • Kaggle :

One of the more popular Machine learning hackathon platforms and the first ever to create a platform for hackathons, Kaggle brought hackathons to the cutting edge and shaped it as an excellent platform for discovering and recruiting extraordinary talent. Kaggle regularly conducts online hackathons for tech enthusiasts across the globe. The problem statement ranges from machine learning to deep learning and a recommendation engine, involving others. It is a community of more than 1,00,000 registered users. Hackathons conducted by Kaggle are suited for two types of audiences:-)

  1. Those interested in academics.
  2. Industry experts looking to update their skills.

Hackathons may range between a couple of hours to a few months as well.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by Kaggle Click Here…

  • Machinehack :

MachineHack is a platform where future and current data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts participate in various real-world challenges. The idea is providing a platform that could act as a springboard for developers to evaluate, hone and showcase their skills.
Our hackathons are curated by industry professionals and designers of all the proficiency levels in machine learning.
It is an online hackathon platform that hosts hackathons for Machine Learning enthusiasts. It allows data science professionals to enhance their skills. Participants are able to face real-life problems and look for answers using tools in machine learning and data science. Participate could register for free. Participants are provided with a detailed overview of the problem statement:

  1. History
  2. Prizes
  3. Analysis
  4. Requirements
  5. The period of a hackathon
  6. Quantities

The results are compared to that of various participants and scores are displayed on the leaderboard. The hackathons are created by the in-house data science team. New hackathons are updated every 2-3 months.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by MachineHack Click Here…

  • Machine Learning Hikeathon :

Hike presents the Machine learning Hikeathon. Machine learning Hikeathon is an incredible opportunity for one to showcase his\her machine learning abilities and talent in real-world challenges. With this hack, you are going to develop a model for Link Prediction on Hike’s Social Network.
The best performers will be offered a job opportunity in the Machine Learning team at Hike. The team mines the biggest repositories of user insights in India since it concentrates on a number of interesting applications in the aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Recommendation Systems, Computer Vision, Social Network Analysis and so on.
Note: Hike employees are forbidden from the competition.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by ML Hikeathon Click Here…

  • Hackerearth :

HackerEarth’s story might appear as one of those much-discussed about dorm room startups which have shown promise and rapidly growing. HackerEarth’s story continues to be around focus and perseverance towards one goal – making technical recruitment simple and economical. And this particular journey has been absolutely no walk in the park – we’ve had our share of difficulties and we understand there is much more to face in the Future.
The online platform is for educational purposes mostly. It concentrates on improving skills in machine learning and data science. They’ve sponsored machine learning hackathons according to challenges from different business verticals, providing exposure to machine learning challenges to the participants. The competitive Machine learning challenges are conducted by top companies to evaluate the skills in deep learning and data science with an objective to employ, outsourcing of projects or even just rewarding them with prizes.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by Hackerearth Click Here…

  • Flipkart Grid :

Flipkart GRID
Data is the new oil, and in the area of e-commerce in India, it’s most appropriate. For a decade, Flipkart continues to be with the cutting edge of game-changing disruptions in the area of online retail & Supply Chain, and today it’s your turn to create the best value of it by gaining access to our data.
GRiD is Flipkart’s yearly campus engagement program, where we offer you the opportunity to apply the technical knowledge and your skills, to ethically participate and finish key challenges.’ Flipkart GRID’ engineering campus problem is created to draw out the data Scientist in you, where we set your Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the final test. So isn’t it time to enter the GRiD?
Stages of the hackathon:

  1. Machine learning Quiz.
  2. Online Machine Learning Challenge – Medium Complexity Data-set.
  3. Online Machine Learning Challenge – High Complexity Data-set.
  4. National Finals.

To register your-self for hackathons conducted by Flipkart grid  Click Here…

  • DrivenData

DrivenData hosts data science competitions to create a much user-friendly world, bringing cutting-edge predictive models to groups dealing with the world’s toughest challenges faced. DrivenData hosts data science competitions for social good in places like international development, health, education, conservation and research, and public services. You are able to join a competition or even host a competition.
The website has a section devoted to Sample Projects which provide data about several of their successful projects in the form of a case study. The datasets mentioned in Driven Data are related to Non-profits ranging from wild-life preservation to public health. Hence, in case you would like to apply your skills to real-world challenges.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by DrivenData Click Here…

  • OpenML

This is an online and open ecosystem for machine learning that hosts offline machine learning and data science hackathons. It brings together participants coming from several scientific domains together to focus on industry use cases. It improves on working with numerous tools while pushing the scientific community to fix data-driven problems. Additionally, they offer tutorials in the area of data science and machine learning. As stated, as opposed to others in the list, this’s an offline hackathon platform.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by OpenML Click Here…

  • Numerai :

Numerai is an AI-run, crowd-sourced hedge fund made by a network of data scientists. It has a data science competition each week that powers a true hedge fund. Numerai provides encrypted data each week to its participants that then publish their predictions. Numerai then causes a meta-model from all its submissions and also makes investments.
The data scientists submit their predictions in exchange for the possibility to make several Numeraire, a cryptographic token on the Ethereum blockchain.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by Numerai Click Here…

  • Codalab :

Codalab is an open-source web-based platform that allows data scientists, developers, and researchers to collaborate, using the aim of advancing research fields where advanced computation and machine learning are used. CodaLab will help to solve a lot of typical issues in the area of data-oriented research through its online community in which participants are able to discuss worksheets and participate in competitions. You are able to often take part in an existing competition or even host a new competition.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by Codalab Click Here…

  • TechGig

A leading online tech community for learning and upgrade skills, TechGig hosts a number of hackathons for machine learning and data science enthusiasts. From basic coding in Java, it hosts hackathons coming from different industries that allow participants to learn, process and compete with the best in the industry. This platform primarily hosts sponsored hackathons from the best IT firms that can provide contact with participants to both earn a chance to get recruited at top data science companies or lucrative prizes.
To register your-self for hackathons conducted by TechGig Click Here…


Though this list is going to change in the near future, I believe you’ll discover the competition that is most exciting and relevant to your field of interest. There are several other platforms for hackathons and data science challenges organized by various companies that can be both offline and online. You can participate in several other hackathons and data science challenges other than those in the list above, keep exploring and find as many opportunities as you can to improve your skills, learn new technologies, get hired or win exciting prizes.

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