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An Affordable Course on Data Science “PadhAI” an IIT-M Faculty Platform

An Affordable Course on Data Science “PadhAI” an IIT-M Faculty Platform

Indian Institute of Technology Madras is providing affordable courses on data science via their platform ‘PadhAI’. They have launched an online self-paced course that covers starting from the beginners level, the mathematical and programming abilities required for a data scientist.
This 5-month program is affordably costing ₹1,000 for students and faculty members. ‘PadhAI’ an online school of one-Fourth Labs, an IIT Madras incubated start-up by Dr. Mitesh Khapra and Dr. Pratyush Kumar, assistant professors in the department of engineering and computer science, IIT Madras.
There’s a rising need for trained data scientists across nearly all industries such as manufacturing, financial services, IT, healthcare, and education. To step up to this demand, an increasing number of experts and students are searching for good quality data science courses. However, most training courses are expensively priced, which range from thousands to lakhs of rupees, therefore placing a heavy premium on obtaining abilities towards this lucrative career.
Talking about their goals behind this initiative, Dr. Mitesh Khapra, Co-Founder, said, “With PadhAI, it’s Nation first. One main goal is usually to make certain that every university student in our country in engineering, science, or maybe commerce disciplines receive a foundational and accessible knowledge of data science. This’s an essential ability for the future.”
Usually, data science is taught in isolation and separated from the innovative plus more popular topics of deep learning and machine learning. We’re working towards bridging this gap with a single sequence of courses across these topics.
The courses in PadhAI are created towards offering foundational insight. The PadhAI training course on data science starts on 1st February 2020. The Professors are expecting to follow up on this course on data science with subsequent affordably listed courses on deep learning and machine learning.
Elaborating on the demand for quality courses on data science, Dr. Pratyush Kumar, Co-Founder, One-Fourth Labs, stated, “Often a lot of learners and even trainers make the mistake of looking at data science as learning equipment. This’s the wrong choice. The latest equipment will probably be outdated or updated tomorrow. Rather, the emphasis must be building on a good understanding of algorithmic and mathematical skills. This’s the only way to stay relevant in a fast-changing domain. Learners should stay away from classes that guarantee some shortcuts.”
Every year, at IIT Madras Research Park, the top-performing students from several courses on PadhAI will be invited to a ‘summer garage’ – an AI residency program, exactly where they are able to work on the research, tackle problems of societal influence, and look for answers to business value.
Dr. Mitesh Khapra and Dr. Pratyush Kumar additionally launched a platform – ‘AI4Bharat’ – to create artificial intelligence strategies to deal with India’s problems and speed-up AI Innovation. It’s a community of AI academicians, policymakers, domain experts, students, and professionals collaborating on solving real-world challenges in agriculture, Digital India, smart cities, healthcare, and sustainability.

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