Artificial Intelligence enabled CCTV cameras are installed to help Kolkata Police in Crime Detection.

The land of art, culture, and literature will see the government authorities keeping an eye on the lawbreakers. In a move that is going to empower the police authorities, the Kolkata Police is expanding the impact on the CCTV camera’s AI-powered technologies in crime detection.

Police Commissioner Anuj Sharma said, “City police have installed 3000 CCTV cameras all across the city.  We are growing it. Recently, you’ve seen situations of criminal detection by examining the CCTV footage,” he stated, talking about the latest sexual assault case in Panchashayar of south Kolkata. Sharma said the police had been preparing to install much more hi-tech digital cameras with artificial intelligence(AI) and face recognition facility. “If we have data, the data is also there with the cameras, they do the matching,” he stated.

“With the installation of such hi-tech cameras recognizing anyone involved in anti-social acts will be much simpler,” said Sharma.

The Indian Police force has started increasing interest in crime analytics using big data, which requires storing and analyzing variety and volume huge of data in real-time, to predict and trends specifically relating to human interactions and behavior and inference patterns. In order to know which areas are most susceptible to crimes, police pressure also uses predictive analytics to produce designs by using machine learning to find out which areas are most susceptible to crime.

Earlier this year, artificial intelligence-powered CCTV cameras helped police in identifying and punishing any citizen for spitting and ruining public properties in Gujarat. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) installed smart cameras that were used to identify citizen’s body moves, interpret them and understand that the individual was breaking the law.

Late this year, the Delhi traffic police had announced the suggested setting up of an intelligent traffic managing system (ITMS). The information traffic management system will focus on radar-based monitoring with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. The police analyze the traffic pattern, volume, number of cars, and other factors, and gather them on a cloud. The data then would be utilized to manage the traffic – one of the major tools becoming automated traffic signals.

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