Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cvber-Security, IoT, Block-Chain these new technologies can have a bigger Impact when combined.

Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Virtual and Artificial Reality(VR/AR), Data Science, Internet of Things(IoT), or Blockchain all these new-age technologies produce a larger influence when combined with each other. The same thing is with B2B (business-to-business) startups from deep tech domains whose worth proposition to the clients goes up whenever they develop alliances to mix 2 or maybe more items for a solution.

An NGO providing mid-day meals in school across India arrived at Accenture a few years ago with a simple question: how can we feed more children?

The consultant looked at the supply chain and also after that worked with 3 startups from various domains for a solution. One startup used data from IoT receptors to streamline cooking processes and keep track of the quality of food. Another one used artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the need for food. And a 3 startup used blockchain to use feedback from schools on a sent out ledger in a tamper-proof manner. Together they helped better delivery, minimize cost and allow more children to be fed.

That’s among the ways in which a system integrator as Accenture bridges the chasm between large enterprises and startups.

“Those are several of the mind-shift changes we’ve been in a position to take to startups,” says there is Avnish Sabharwal, managing director of Open Innovation and Accenture Ventures in India and the Middle East. “We explain to them,’ Don’t go and chat about your product; talk about fixing a problem. And in carrying out that, perhaps you require much more than your own personal product’.

The evidence of the pudding is in the eating. For a startup that translates to, moving beyond evidence of idea to signing deals. Accenture has involved with approximately 250 startups in India and deployed more than 100 of them across the clients, says Sabharwal.

Most of the clients are global companies, that save Indian startups the significant expense of entering areas abroad. At exactly the same period, Sabharwal feels disappointed that issues have not moved faster and so many projects never reach “serious deployments”.

There are many reasons for this. To start with, the framework in Accenture itself could be difficult. The open innovation & ventures teams find out startups and interact with them in pilots. In that case, it is the sales staff or maybe “client team”, as Accenture calls it, that negotiates deals with clients.

The client team is more at ease with internal innovation teams or large partner organizations as Microsoft and SAP than a group of startups. Even when that hurdle is crossed, onboarding a startup with Accenture’s procurement and contracting staff could be another wall.

“It’s the elephant inside the room,” admits Sabharwal. “Innovation at giving scale is the dream of mine, though we have not reached there. There’s very much worth, though a great deal of it becomes lost in driving the internal business and other things.”

However, a great deal has transformed from the first days of open innovation when it absolutely was a grind to push a single startup after a different at the sales team. This began to switch when startups helped win big deals for the sales group with the agility in making the least viable item (MVP) and their cost competitiveness. These days it is turning right into a full version, says Sabharwal. Typically when a demand for proposition (RFP) is available in, the open innovation staff is definitely the first person to be contacted to find out in case plugging startups into several parts will better the pitch.

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