Every Organization has to adapt these 4 revolutionizing skill sets

Every Organization has to adapt these 4 revolutionizing skill sets

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According to a study, every organization needs to focus on minimum these four revolutionizing skillsets in order to drive future growth:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Digital marketing
  • Design thinking

Despite the increased understanding of upskilling, the survey by Ed-tech company Great Learning discovered that 47% of the companies surveyed have yet not assigned budgets for upskilling their workforce.

“The technology skill gap among employees is among probably the biggest problems that organizations in India are beset with,” Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-founder, Great Learning, mentioned in a statement.

“Skilled employees are going to continue to be probably the biggest asset for any company going forward and while selections like lateral hiring and outsourcing might help temporary, from a price and effectiveness point of view, upskilling is the easiest way to remain competitive in the long run,” Nair said.

According to a survey, which involved over 300 companies ranging from mid-size and small businesses (SMEs) to big organizations, 25% of all the companies think AI and ML are likely the most essential abilities required to guarantee an organization’s future development.

Digital Marketing emerged second with 19% finding it the majority of essential. Next was design thinking, and that 10% of companies suggested as most important.

Apart from these, abilities associated to Internet of Things (IoT), robotic procedure hands-free operation (RPA), and natural language processing/generation (NLP/NLG) emerged as skills that are important inside replies through the surveyed organizations.