For customized portfolio analytics reports Motilal Oswal adopts NLG

For customized portfolio analytics reports Motilal Oswal adopts NLG

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Motilal Oswal Financial Services has adopted AI-powered Natural Language Generation (NLG) provider vPhrase.

The company’s product Phrazor, a completely customizable self-service reporting Natural Language Generation (NLG) and automation platform created for enterprises will power MOFSL within generating personalized multilingual reports in a tiny proportion of the time. Phrazor is providing MOFSL the freedom of producing these reports in 4 different languages – Hindi, Tamil, Gujrati, and English to get rid of the barrier of language and offer different consumer expertise to its investors.

Arun Chaudhry, Senior Group Vice President and Head-Business that is Online and Product Development of Motilal Oswal stated, “Our base is laid on research that is solid and assistance, therefore producing easy-to-consume analytical reports for our clients gets to be a cornerstone of the business strategy. With the assistance of the NLG technologies being made available by vPhrase we’re in a position to produce personalized portfolio analytics reports and transmit to our customers in the language of the choice of theirs which in turn will help our customers in making informed investment decisions.”

“Companies are generating and collecting troves of data but in order to make sense of everything of data, they’ve to make use of dashboards and spreadsheets. Spreadsheets call for analysis while dashboards call for interpretation; clients do not have the time or maybe aptitude for either. By auto-generating serious insights into the typical human language, vPhrase is ensuring users understand precisely what story the information has to point out and help them create data-driven decisions. The richness of words that we produce, the multilingual capability and substantial configuration establish us apart. Our profile of marquee consumers is a validation of the importance our technology brings to each enterprise,” added Neerav.

vPhrase is utilizing the capital from its the latest funding for growing its platform within India and in major worldwide markets while strengthening its staff. The financial resources also are being used to release the company ‘s newest product – Explorazor, an unbiased internet business intelligence and analytics platform that provides ready-to-consume insights, with effective collaboration features. Explorazor is driven by vPhrase’s innovative Natural Language Generation motor and Machine Intelligence.