Sensitive Government Data must be stored locally: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Sensitive Government Data must be stored locally: Ravi Shankar Prasad

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New Delhi, 6th October, The Indian government plans to embrace Cloud in departments and ministries, the key problem is usually to ensure that sensitive data and regulated workloads stay protected from nation-state bad actors and should be kept at data centre’s or maybe Cloud regions within the nation.

Last month at a conference, Ravi Prasad Shankar IT Minister clearly stated the government won’t let data sovereignty be compromised, stressing on super-sensitive and sensitive data must reside in India.

You will discover very few Cloud players who provide extra secure Cloud for government data. One of them is Amazon Web Services (AWS) that have AWS GovCloud (US East) and (US West) regions — only available to US entities as well as root account holders that pass a strict screening procedure to control Cloud offerings have federal government clients with very sensitive details and controlled workloads.

The minister’s comments are available in the backdrop of burning controversy on data, as also storage space restrictions being mulled for individual details. While a few have dubbing information as the ‘new oil’ propagating safeguard of Indian users’ information on the internet and social network, a senior, Facebook executive previous week had countered the viewpoint arguing that here data isn’t the new oil, and nations as India ought to, actually, permit its free flow throughout borders rather than trying to hoard it as a limited commodity in just national boundaries.

Facebook Vice President (Global Affairs and Communications) Nick Clegg stated sharing data is essential for security that is India today discovers itself “locked out” of huge global data-sharing initiatives targeted to clamp down on crime that is serious and terrorism.

The company released AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region with 2 accessibility zones in 2016 and possesses viewed stupendous development in adding new clients within the region by its subsidiary Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL) that undertakes the resale and marketing of AWS Cloud products in the nation.

The international players understand that the Narendra Modi government is sharp on emerging systems such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud computing, Block-chain and data analytics through the key need to store information locally has to be greeted initially – a need that may be heard the world over.