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Ryder Robinson, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is the son of Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson.

His family tree boasts prominent names, with grandparents including Kurt Russell, Bill Hudson, and Goldie Hawn.

Goldie Hawn, the acclaimed actress and Ryder’s grandmother, shares family ties with musician and actor Bill Hudson, Ryder Robinson grandfather, through his mother.

Another significant figure in Ryder’s life is Kurt Russell, a renowned actor and longtime partner of Goldie Hawn.

Ryder experienced the challenges of divorce at the tender age of three.

Following the court’s decision to grant joint custody, he spent the next decade navigating life between his parents.

However, a shift occurred when Robinson, in February 2017, filed a petition seeking full custody of Ryder, challenging the existing custody arrangement.

Early Life


Ryder Robinson, born on January 7, 2004, is making waves not just as the son of Hollywood star Kate Hudson but also as an emerging actor and public figure.

Despite his young age, Ryder has become a familiar name to Americans, thanks to his privileged background showcased through his mother’s frequent Instagram posts featuring him.

Beyond being a red carpet companion for his mother at film and award shows, Ryder, now 19, is stepping into a new chapter of his life.

The spotlight is on his transformation and the blossoming of his first love. Currently, Ryder Robinson is romantically involved with Iris Apatow, the daughter of actress Leslie Mann and acclaimed director Judd Apatow.

Their relationship gained widespread attention when Ryder shared a kissing photo with Iris on his Instagram on February 14, 2022, swiftly becoming the talk of the town.

Family Background


The Ryder Robinson family has undeniably made a positive impact on both the music and film industries.

Kate Hudson, Ryder’s mother and a renowned American actress at the age of 42, boasts an impressive filmography, including notable works such as “Dessert Blue,” “Almost Famous,” “Gossip,” “Raising Helen,” “Shriver,” and the upcoming “Knives Out 2.”

In a union that began on December 31, 2000, Kate exchanged vows with Chris Robinson, Ryder’s father and a singer-musician best known for founding the rock group The Black Crowes.

Ryder’s maternal grandfather, 72-year-old Bill Hudson, is a former American musician and actor who made significant contributions to American films from the late 1980s.

His maternal grandmother, Goldie Hawn, a former singer, actress, and producer, retired at the age of 76 after a distinguished career adorned with numerous honors.

Ryder’s life took a turn when his parents, Kate and Chris Robinson, parted ways several years after his birth.

Following the separation, Kate entered into marriages with different partners, expanding Ryder’s family with stepsisters and stepbrothers.

Despite the twists in his family life, Ryder has formed strong bonds with his actual step-siblings.

Growing up under the guidance of his actress mother, he absorbed various skills, including acting and dancing, displaying a talent for the performing arts from a young age.

At the age of 19, Ryder is currently pursuing his passion for acting at a reputable Los Angeles acting school while completing his high school education at Crossroads High School.



Ryder Robinson is currently wrapping up his studies and has not ventured into his professional career just yet.

His enthusiasm for basketball is evident, often seen accompanying his mother to NBA tournaments to cheer for their favorite team.

Beyond his interest in sports, Ryder has a strong affinity for music, dedicating time to studying the guitar and exploring other instruments.

There’s a possibility he might follow in his father’s footsteps in the music industry.

Moreover, under the guidance of his mother, he’s delving into the world of acting, keeping his options open for a potential career in the performing arts.

In the coming years, Ryder Robinson is poised to make a formal announcement regarding his career path, whether he decides to pursue music or embark on a journey in acting.

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Love Affairs/ Girlfriend


Surprising the media on Valentine’s Day in 2022, Ryder Robinson, the well-known son of Kate Hudson, made his romantic relationship official with a post on Instagram.

Sharing a photo of himself kissing Iris Apatow, a 19-year-old American actress, Ryder confirmed their status as a couple.

While the exact start date of their relationship remains undisclosed, social media witnessed Kate Hudson expressing her love for her son and his girlfriend, Iris.

Commenting on the image of Ryder and Iris sharing a kiss, Kate wrote “Sweets” accompanied by a hurt emoji. Iris responded with a double-smile, acknowledging Kate’s comment.

In our earlier exploration of Iris’s Instagram, we noted that Ryder had been leaving romantic comments on each of her posts, providing an additional layer to their blossoming relationship.

Net Worth

As of now, Ryder Robinson financial pursuits haven’t drawn significant attention from the media, leaving his future professional trajectory as a rising star in America uncertain.

Having recently turned 18, he is poised to enter the workforce in the coming years.

In contrast, his father, Mr. Chris, is estimated to have a net worth of close to $10 million USD, while his mother, Kate Hudson, boasts an estimated net worth of $80 million USD.

The stark difference in their financial standings adds an intriguing dimension to Ryder’s journey as he embarks on his own professional path.


Ryder Robinson’s parents are Chris Robinson, a singer and former member of the rock and roll group “The Black Crowes,” and actress Kate Hudson.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Ryder has familial ties to actress Goldie Hawn, his grandmother, and musician and actor Bill Hudson, his grandfather, through his mother.

Another significant figure in Ryder’s life is Kurt Russell, an actor and Hawn’s partner for the past three decades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ryder Robinson, born on January 7, 2004, is emerging as a notable actor and public figure, being the son of the renowned Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.



Ryder’s father, Chris Robinson, is a singer and musician, having founded the rock group The Black Crowes.



Ryder has a half-sister named Cheyenne Genevieve Robinson through his father. Additionally, he shares a mother with his half-brother Bingham Hawn Bellamy and half-sister Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa.



The newly formed couple, Iris Apatow and Ryder Robinson, grew up as neighbors. Ryder is the child of Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson, while Iris is the daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.




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