About Yulu:

Are you tired of breathing polluted air in our cities? Concerned about climate change? Frustrated by congested roads on Google maps? If you nodded along, you’re not alone! At Yulu, we’re on a mission to tackle these issues by revolutionizing urban mobility to be smart, efficient, and sustainable. As India’s leading shared electric mobility provider, boasting the largest fleet of EVs and an extensive Battery-as-a-Service network, Yulu is reshaping how urban India commutes and consumes. We offer an affordable, green alternative for daily commuters and make last-mile deliveries cheaper and eco-friendly. In essence, we’re pioneering Mobility 2.0, transforming urban mobility for a better future.

We innovate at the crossroads of consumer behavior, public policy, urban infrastructure, technology, product design, supply chain, and economic inclusion. Our proprietary mobility platform leverages IoT, Machine Learning, and AI for vehicle access, fleet management, demand-supply optimization, and efficient operations. After three years of laying a solid foundation for electric mobility, we’re gearing up to scale our business aggressively, aiming for 10x growth this year and 100x growth over the next three years. Yet, we believe we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible!

If our mission ignites a spark in you and you want to join a team of passionate individuals committed to transforming chaos on Indian roads into harmony, come, be part of the unstoppable Yulu team!

Role Summary:

As a Data Scientist, you’ll be responsible for collecting, processing, and analyzing data to build models addressing business challenges. You’ll use data visualization techniques to represent insights and understand human behavior to guide data exploration. Collaboration across teams will be crucial, as you’ll interact with stakeholders from various functions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Analyze and mine data to enhance operational efficiency and drive optimization.
  • Utilize data-driven insights to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop predictive models to boost utilization/revenue and optimize customer experience.
  • Build models for logistics and supply chain optimization.
  • Coordinate with different business verticals to implement and monitor model outcomes.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of data sources.

Key Requirements:

  • 0-1 years of hands-on experience as a Data Scientist.
  • Proficiency in Python programming and libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and matplotlib.
  • Strong data visualization skills using tools such as matplotlib, Plotly, Folium, and Streamlit.
  • Understanding of classical machine learning and deep learning algorithms.
  • Experience with time series analysis and forecasting methods.
  • Solid grasp of statistical concepts.
  • Knowledge of constraint optimization (OR-tools, python-pulp) is a plus.

We Assure You:

  • A friendly culture where sharing ideas and opinions is encouraged.
  • A journey that will challenge and reward you in multiple ways.

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