CBSE to introduce Artificial Intelligence in all Subjects

CBSE to introduce Artificial Intelligence in all Subjects

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AI was introduced as an optional ability subject for class IX at the start of this season, using the curriculum introduces students to the 3 domains of AI – information, natural language, and computer vision processing.

After introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) being an optional ability topic in the schools, the CBSE is currently pushing to incorporate it with various other subjects across all classes. It plans to start training teachers for this conclusion in the coming months.

AI is a cognitive science that could be connected to various subjects which concern themselves with reasoning and cognition. Nearly every school subject will fall in this particular domain, It’s thus mandated by the CBSE that every one of its facilities would start integrating AI along with other disciplines from classes I XII.

The manual includes exemplar lesson plans to incorporate AI with the training of mathematics, Hindi, English, social science and science for classes VI to XII. For instance, for class VI students, a lesson plan continues to be chalked out to assist students to understand Panchayati Raj by way of a game. The objective is introducing the system by way of a neural network, having its concealed layers as being an analogy for the levels of local government.

“We are going to begin training master trainers in another 2-3 months. Many teachers are ignorant of AI, and this can’t be pushed on everyone. The manual is creating a bit of interest in this and the process will slowly produce in the classroom,” stated CBSE Director of Skill Education and Training Dr. Biswajit Saha.