Computer Vision-Based Thermal Camera Measures Temperature and Detects Social Distancing Violations

Vehant Technologies, a company based out of Chennai is using advanced facial detection methods to detect skin temperature for much more precise measurement and creates a notification when it detects a higher temperature.

Until today, there were thermal cameras that helped calculate the body temperature of individuals and figure out whether they’ve COVID 19 symptoms or perhaps not. Now, Vehant Technologies has created a thermal camera called FebriEye that not merely measures the entire body heat but additionally detects social distancing and face mask violations. The camera system additionally rings an alarm inside the case of virtually any deviations.

Based on an article by IANS, Responding to a tweet by way of the business on Saturday, Telangana’s Minister for Industry, as well as Information Technology K.T. Rama Rao, requested Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan to explore the originality.

Asking the business to send him a business presentation, the official stated this might be helpful as soon as the malls, production facilities, and offices reopen. the camera might be utilized at entrances to functions, international airports, metro stations, production units, structures, hotels, industrial complexes, going shopping malls, as well as gated societies while in the COVID 19 spread.

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