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Top 5 AI-based Ed-Tech platforms in India.

Top 5 AI-based Ed-Tech platforms in India.

With the world advancing towards digitalization, it’s critical to increase the skill sets and so as to hold on to the employability value. For millennial, it’s become quite a task to endure in the era of bots and create a spot for themselves in the industry. India’s wake of developing digitally has led an enormous transformation for all sorts of industries regardless of the size. The occasion demands people to be more knowledgeable, smart and informed.
Academic learning for students is no more limited to 4 wall’s of the classrooms. Today the children are able to learn from anywhere at any time. There are several incredible learning apps which will guide the child with smarter ways of learning neat study content as per various school boards, courses as Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, ML, and Robotics, training check for competitive examinations of all kinds, immediate feedback, topic smart video lessons and far more.
Here are the top 5 ed-tech platforms which will help your child in every phase of life from class 1st to high school then intermediate and then preparing for competitive examinations with providing immediate feedback.
BYJU’S is the world’s best ed-tech platform and the creator of India’s most adored school learning app in India. Launched in 2015, BYJU’S provides extremely personalized and powerful learning applications for classes 1-12 (k-12), and aspirants of competitive exams as JEE, CAT, IAS and so on. With 35 million registered students and 2.4 million paid subscriptions, BYJU’S is now one of probably the most ideal education platforms across the world. Our niche is creating personalized learning experiences for each kind of learner. The BYJU’S method of learning offers students a learning platform where they are able to find out, engage and be excited about charting their own path to explore the world. BYJU’S – The Learning App creates in concert the most effective teachers, technology, articles, media for developing a seamless, world class learning experience for every student.
It’s an adaptive, on-the-go self-learning English & communication skills app which provides a variety of industry specific English courses. The app chooses the level of instruction which the end user needs based on an a test which determines it with AI and ML technology. The adaptive engine will keep the content appropriate and learning and engaging as effective as they can. It provides instruction to owners in 27 languages including Foreign and Indian languages, – directly from the basic principles to far more complicated interactions. Post the first test, the app then simply develops a personalized training course for the user, and that is split into short 15-minute sessions.
3| Khan Academy
The Khan Academy app provides e-learning through a huge number of articles and videos for topics such as math, history, grammar, finance, science, economics, and more. It is primary targeted for 6th to 12th grade students for both ICSE and CBSE boards. The app provides students with training concerns step by instant feedback and step hints. Additionally, it includes Bookmark feature for navigation that is easy through content, offline access and syncing between the app and
4| Next Curriculum
If perhaps you’re a student looking for experiential and smart learning for the next big examination, Next Curriculum App by Next Education is a one stop alternative for K-12 sector. It’s treatments backed up with 400 working hours of video clip lessons, 3-D and 2-D animation to make learning experiential and enjoyable, topic wise questions with solutions, sample papers, doubting coming from All India Test Series & detailed general performance report. In case of question, the on-line question answer forum will help you in obtaining solution within 24 hours. Furthermore, Next Education gives next book, subsequent mentor, subsequent lab (robotics, math, Hindi, English, pre-designed curriculum and science) for facilitating much better academic planning for students and teachers.
5| Notesgen
Notesgen is a platform which allows educators and students to sell and purchase academic notes across 14 various categories. The software includes educational content like notes, study material, case studies, question papers, and projects for engineering, health-related, arts, managing, law, commerce, CA, and CS, together with others. The USP of Notesgen is, it facilitates peer-to-peer learning and assistance in engaging and connecting students across the globe wanting out there for the ‘topics’ needed to appendage competitive and academic examination preparing. On Notegen it is not hard to share content, acquire peer experiment and network with various patterns of learning.

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