2 Broad fields Start-ups could focus on

2 Broad fields Start-ups could focus on

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  • Providing maximum profit to the farmers
  • Educating farmers

Startups should concentrate on developing solutions for problems faced by farmers: Kishore Ganji, Investor

Farmers are the lifeline of every economy and also, most importantly, are the supply of prosperity and health in any nation. However, agriculture is an industry that hasn’t got much interest from the startup group in India, although it provides many opportunities for startups.

Time and again, there were regular efforts by the government to ensure that farmers are able to deliver maximum benefits in the need and supply chain. There’s always so much that has to be completed and that’s exactly where startups are able to step in to offer innovative solutions to the real issues facing the nation.

There are 2 broad areas that startups can concentrate on. One is giving the maximum benefit to farmers, educating them. One may think of an ecosystem in which farmers, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses, and end customers are all on the same platform. With this ecosystem, the item costs are optimized so that the producers receive far more and FMCG companies get rid of middlemen in the procurement chain. This won’t just help farmers, but may also guarantee that end customers are happy due to the overall cost.

This platform must be created in such a manner that it’s focused on the progress of the farmers, not only in terms of cash but additionally educational upliftment in the farming industry. On exactly the same platform, farmers may be knowledgeable about probably the latest farming methods, weather forecasts, and be provided assistance about what the next crop must be depending on the opportunities offered. With this fashion, the farmers are supported by the knowledge of the crop and education and farm, therefore, they are able to guarantee greater yield.

The issues that the country’s farming segment faces call for quick attention and startups should concentrate on building ways for these as they impact everybody in the nation. Furthermore, the changes in that area are infinite as farming isn’t a niche region guaranteeing assured return shipping on investments.