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Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. Startups are at the forefront of this storm. In this column of Start-Up Success Stories, We have talked to the founders of one such startup Mate Labs.

Mate Labs has developed a path-breaking platform that is equally engineered for the Business Professionals as well as the Data Science community to build and develop specific need-based machine learning models and algorithms.

Their model involves :

  1. Automated Machine Learning
  2. Data Pre-Precessing
  3. Programmatic Analytics and Dashboards

Let’s find out more about this artificial intelligence-based startup from the founders themselves. We have talked to one of the co-founder Rahul and this is his narrative :

1. Introduction about you/founders of the company?

Rahul Vishwakarma, Co-founder, Matelabs-CEO

Rahul Vishwakarma, Co-founder, Matelabs-CEO

Kailash and I graduated from MANIT in 2013; I did my in chemical engineering and Kailash in energy engineering. We have been interested in computer programming. We got into AI in college itself. The best part of AI for us was that it was less of computer science and more about mathematics. We are the first of its kind to pick Deep Learning as services in the country.



Kailash Ahirwar, Co-founder, Matelabs-CTO

Kailash Ahirwar, Co-founder, Matelabs-CTO

Kailash and I have over a decade worth of experience in ML, DL, NLP, and Data Science. We have been contributors to some of the popular ML frameworks, and have open-sourced our own NLP library as well. Along with that, we have also helped companies in adopting ML to optimize their operations and gather predictive insights.


2. What are the concept and the objective behind your organization?

The concept that of our platform was built on how to make the lives of analysts, demand planners and data scientists easier. Analysts typically take up to 6-10 months to come up with solutions. Using Mate Verse, it can be achieved in just a matter of 2 weeks. How did we manage to do this? Simple, Our fully automated AI-powered platform MateVerse aids the journey from data pre-processing to model training to visualizations to predictive analytics all without letting its end users write any codes Thus, enabling us to come up with highly accurate and scalable solutions in just a fraction of the time. The platform can be used by business professionals to create models, and analyst can use it to achieve even higher accuracies. We hope that the platform can enable the rise of citizen data

3. What are the solutions you are focused on?

We are primarily specialists in demand forecasting solutions. We have helped major players in the FMCG/CPG market achieve accuracies of 85% for their demand forecasting models.

4. How you are using AI in augmenting your products and services?

We have built an intelligent engine, which has been trained to analyze the data like a data scientist and then build predictive models on top of it.

5. Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

Our only competitors are based out of the US—H20 and data robot. We bring in the combination of the best in class solutions experts and technology. We are the only ones in the world to have completely automated the data pre-processing phase that takes up to 60% of a data scientist/Analysts time and effort — therefore being able to deliver
world-class solutions in just a fraction of their time.

6. What are your future plans to scale up your organization?

We are now primarily dealing with the FMCG/CPG market and will be moving to the other markets as when we start seeing traction, for which we already have partnerships in place.

7. What are the career opportunities within your organization?

We are actively hiring for data scientists, data consultants, business development executives, content writers and more.

8. According to you what makes a leader?

● Persistence.
● Patience
● Focus
● Empathy

9. What is the best learning you have in your career?

Keep learning and stay focused.

10. Two key lessons for young minds

● Never stop trying new things.
● And be vocal about your thoughts and opinions with people around you.

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